We connect people, organize events, to help make our community a better place for everyone.

  • BC Technology Industry Association
  • Digital Media + Wireless Association of BC
  • Vancouver User Experience Group
  • Vancouver Java Users Group

We’ve been member’s of Vancouver’s technology community since 1995.

In 1996, we hosted the BC Technology Industry Association Internet SIG. In 1997 we founded the Vancouver Java User’s Group and still help sponsor it today. In 2003 we helped found the Vancouver User Experience Group and participate in events like World Usability Day. We’re members of the BC Technology Industry Association and DigiBC (formerly New Media BC).

And we’re part of a broader global community of strategists, analysts, developers, and usability professionals trying to build better software and we share our expertise online and in-person. Our professional memberships include the Project Management Institute, the Usability Professionals Association, the Interaction Design Association, and the Web Analytics Association.

Corporate Social Responsibility

OpenRoad strives to run an ethical business, one that cares about the technological solutions it creates and the processes of how those technologies are created, one that cares deeply about the well-being of its employees and their personal development, and one that aims to reduce negative impacts to our environment. As such, we have a set of practices and processes that we follow in managing our business.

Our staff

OpenRoad’s social responsibility extends into the broader Vancouver community, as witnessed by our participation in organizations and events that we believe to be having a positive impact on the lives of those around us. But we recognize that change starts at home first: our human resource policies demonstrate our commitment to our people. Our workplace has flexible work hours and we compensate our staff for their overtime, a rarity for high-tech firms in BC.

Our staff are active, have great lives, families, and commitments outside of the office, and we try to respect that as much as possible by providing great benefits and flexibility in our employment agreements. Staff have rewarded us in return for this approach: our average length of service is over 5 years and several employees have worked at OpenRoad for 10 years – many times greater than the industry average retention rates.

Our technology and our process

Our respect for the individual extends to our web development methodology. User-centred design has been a foundation of our approach for over 10 years at OpenRoad. Involve the people who are impacted most by technology in the decision making and design process: this is the basis of our philosophy. User-centred design has its roots in participatory design practices, which in turn came from workplace democracy movements of the last century. Our organizational structure is a collection of peers, working together in a collaborative and cooperative fashion, along with our clients and their customers / end-users to come up with the best possible solutions. Programmers and company owners work together on problems as equals. We treat our staff, clients, and their users with integrity and respect. We earn trust amongst our partners.

Our community involvement and environmental impact

From turning off the lights in the office to reduce our power consumption to our recycling efforts, OpenRoad works hard to minimize our impact to the environment. As a software company, we are lucky in some ways not to be surrounded by too much “stuff” – laptops, desktops, chairs, and desks are the working materials of our business. We use our collaborative intranet product ThoughtFarmer to work through ideas and try to stay as digital as possible, minimizing our paper consumption.

Transportation to and from OpenRoad is another key area where we’ve had a positive impact. We are multiple time award winners of the Commuter Challenge with a 90% public transit mode split in the office. Our location near to Waterfront Station in Gastown helps with this – a central hub for SkyTrain, bus, WestCoast Express, and SeaBus travelers. Other employees walk or bike to work.