Service Design

OpenRoad Service Design

Align an organization’s people, processes, and technologies around what matters most: the customer.

When it comes to offering seamless, delightful services and products, the experience of the customer doesn’t begin and end with an organization’s website, help desk, or retail store. Service design takes a holistic view of both our client’s operations and their customer’s journey. We help our clients discover how their customers really interact with their brand or organization throughout their lifetime, uncovering vital, bottom-line-impacting opportunities for cost savings, differentiation, customer satisfaction, and retention along the way.

Our Service Design Offerings

Discover & Learn:

  • Client education on service design methods
  • Design research planning
  • In-depth behavioural interviews
  • Observational research
  • In-depth documentary / desk research
  • Mobile diary studies
  • Narrative / storytelling workshops
  • Comparative and competitive analysis
  • Service safaris
  • Service ecology mapping

Analyze & Prioritize:

  • Opportunity identification & prioritization
  • Persona creation
  • Co-design workshops
  • Journey mapping
  • Service blueprinting

Prototype & Test:

  • Agile prototyping & testing
  • Sketching, storyboarding, proof-of-concepts, concept videos, screen-based mock-ups

Plan & Deliver: