A complex industrial tool that feels as easy as a consumer app.

Find out how OpenRoad created a best-in-class user experience for Honeywell.

In a crowded industry of similar product offerings, OpenRoad helped Honeywell differentiate by creating the best possible digital experience for configuring and validating their new SmartLine device.

How do you make the complex feel easy?

Imagine you’re building a smart product that promises to transform your customers’ businesses through reduced maintenance, smart integration, and easy implementation.

But then you find out that the process of actually configuring and ordering your product threatens to undermine that promise. There’s a tedious, error-prone, and complex specification process that your customers would have to go through, taking an average time of 140 minutes for each device. Shouldn’t your customers’ ordering experience be as smart and as easy as your product?

This was Honeywell’s dilemma—and their challenge—when they came to OpenRoad.

Putting the user at the centre of the question

Honeywell wanted a “best-in-class user experience” for their online tool. But what did that mean to the users themselves?

We decided to find out by actually asking them.

Making complex processes feel easy... is hard.

A flexible approach

Normally, performance specifications for a product would be finalized before building the product’s ordering tool. But not in this case. We needed to work alongside the product team.

OpenRoad built a system that adapted to product development changes, constantly iterating our tool along with the Honeywell’s development team. This approach allowed us to launch the tool even before the hardware was brought to market.

Collision detection

We knew we could make a complicated set of rules feel easy to the customer, and we knew we could make the system architecture flexible enough to accommodate ongoing changes in specifications.

Then a new challenge arose.

We soon discovered that standard mathematical modeling and simulation tools ideal for obstacle interference and collision detection did not integrate well with the required responsive web design.

The development team quickly built several prototypes of alternative, leaner solutions. In the end, we wrote a lightweight, JavaScript-based algorithm that accomplished the same result (collision detection of the sensor and tank elements) more quickly, directly in the user’s browser.

A truly Agile approach for a truly elegant solution

By working closely with the Honeywell engineers in an Agile framework, the OpenRoad team was able to quickly respond to challenges while always moving closer towards the features that users actually needed and wanted. (And even a few features that users didn’t know they wanted until they saw them.)

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Visual design that makes things more understandable

The user interface was designed to keep distractions to a minimum, not overwhelming the customer with the sheer number of options, and inject some delight into the process through the use of subtle animations, fast response times, and clean design elements.

Tank Shapes
Tank Shapes
Cylinder Vertical
Cylinder Horizontal
Rectangle Horizontal
Rectangle Vertical
Stilling Well
Bypass Side & Side
Bypass Side & Bottom
Pipe Inlet
Process Connections
Process Connections
ANSI-B16.5 CRN or DIN EN 1092
Special Flange
Threaded Fittings ISO228 & ANS
Probe Type
Probe Type
Probe Ends
Probe Ends
Type Of Display
Type Of Display
1 Line Display
4 Line Display
Tank Ends
Tank Ends
Open Top
Open Top Rectangle
Flat Rectangle
Slanted Horizontal
Slanted Vertical

When we began the project, customers would have needed an average of 140 minutes to use the manual method of product specification, using tedious look-up tables and spreadsheets.

Honeywell was hoping for 70 minutes.

Our online ordering tool did it in just 30.

3.6x faster with fewer errors

OpenRoad helped us significantly simplify the ordering process and differentiate with respect to user experience.

— Johan Backström, Sr Engineering Manager, Honeywell

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